Nabil Dada has been making a name for himself since 1972. Having started with a small gallery of contemporary furniture in Sanayeh, Lebanon, Dada grew his work and expertise by opening an office in Saudi Arabia, embracing a more classical approach to reflect the needs of the expanding clientele. There, he met the soon-to-be Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and collaborated with him on numerous projects, including several of the PM’s private residences.

Dada later opened an office in Paris, circulating between all three offices throughout the Lebanese Civil War. By 1991, Nabil Dada closed his Paris and Saudi offices and resettled in his home country. Over the past 2 decades, the company he founded has designed some of the region’s most notable interiors, including historical landmarks, entertainment centers, private villas, and public institutions.
About Us
Dada & Associates has earned a reputation over the years for interiors that possess a remarkable degree of coherence, authenticity, and strength of character, bringing together seamlessly varying styles from different periods and cultures. As a leading interior design and architecture firm in the region, D&A sets itself apart through experience, style, service, and expertise. The growing team of experts in a variety of areas comes together to provide excellent interior design and architecture solutions, inspired by history, aesthetics, and harmony.