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The book includes photography by Roger Moukarzel, text by Sierre Prasada and an introduction by Roseanne Saad Khalaf; it’s published by Turning Point. The book provides the reader with portraits of artistic Lebanese personalities.
District //S could be described as an architectural exercise in restraint. Located as it is in the heart of Beirut’s elegant Saifi district, it eschews the aggressive notion of towers and blocks, seeking instead to be in harmony with the area’s residential heritage.
Faysal El Khalil
Grand Serail
Nabil Dada
Date of publication: Feb/2015
Date of publication: Dec/1969
Date of publication: Jul/2020
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  • “ A commitment to excellence has allowed Dada & Associates to evolve into one of the leading Interior Design firms in Lebanon. ”
  • “ If a Phoenician were to leap onboard one of the early sailing vessels and glide into the 21st century, then an exclusive yacht club emerging on the Beirut waterfront would make an ideal point of entry, thanks to Nabil Dada’s period-bending interior design. ”
  • “ Dada & Associates has become known for interiors that possess a remarkable degree of coherence, authenticity, and strength of character ”
  • “ Nabil Dada offers residents of District Studios four choices of interior design which are not rigid templates. Clients choose the style that appeals to them and personalize it with the interior designer. ”
    ESTATES – District S
  • “ Absolutely everything in this dwelling rings back the echoes of Africa. ”
    Faysal El Khalil – Faraya
  • “ It is a real work of a magician that was carried out by Nabil Dada ”
    Jamil Dada – Italy
  • “ Son appartement nous projette dans l’Univers Dada, reflétant ce style à part: un mélange d’Art Déco et d’objets vénitiens,dans un écrin moderne contrasté en blanc et noir. Un appartement qui aime la nuit et qui dévore le jour. Un appartement à qui le noir va si bien. ”
    Nabil Dada – apartment Beirut