Contemporary architecture takes form from a volume, proportions, materials and invisible technologies. It brings to life blank pages of spaces where design and contemporary art tell their story and resonate with modernity.

Residence IContemporary

This triplex with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean was designed to feel like the space floats above the city. The architecture consists of seamless curved lines that are expressed both in the walls and ceilings in order to blur the visual boundary between the two.

Residence IIContemporary
Residence IIIContemporary
Residence IVContemporary
Cinema CityContemporary
Le Yacht ClubContemporary
Solidere HQContemporary
DADA OfficeContemporary


Creating places that defy time and style is the result of a subtle subjective culture that allows the combination of objects, materials and inspirations beyond styles. It is the art of blending beauty from various eras and origins in one dialogue that takes space into account.

Residence ITimeless
Residence IITimeless
Residence IIITimeless
DADA ResidenceTimeless
Lady in BlueTimeless
Residence IVTimeless


Classical equates to rigor and precision, craftsmanship and sophistication. Be it an oriental palace or an 18th-century mansion, the talent of an interior architect rest in their ability to pay tribute to history with culture and elegance, by sublimating the sense of place.

Residence IClassical
Residence IIClassical
Residence IIIClassical
Harry’s BarClassical
Grand SerailClassical
Residence IVClassical
Al Amine MosqueClassical