There is no nobler a passion than that for beauty, passed on from generation to generation. Nabil Dada and his three sons have brought together their energies and talents to create contemporary, timeless and sustainable architecture. By combining their expertise, they give new momentum to Nabil Dada Interior Architects, driven by a shared vision: a minute search for harmony at all levels. The Dadas’ ecosystem – based on generational, skill and vision meshing – goes hand in hand with family core values: cohesion, trust and the joy of sharing.

Since the beginning of his career in Beirut in the early seventies, Nabil Dada has developed all his interior design and architecture projects with deep love for this line of business and with all the pleasure that he derives from drawing – by hand – unique places. His search for beauty and balance has always been linked with his rigor and attention to detail. This precision work, nurtured with his cosmopolitan culture and spirit, led him to open a first agency in Beirut, followed by a second one in Saudi Arabia, and then another in Paris. With the Lebanese capital as an anchor point, Nabil Dada Interior Architects shines across the globe. Driven by the business know-how of his wife Ghada, who is heavily involved in the agency’s expansion, Nabil Dada has placed his exigency at the service of the most diverse typologies and contexts. Hotels, restaurants, yachts, Italian villas, Haussmanian apartments, neo-classical palaces and Ottoman mosques. From the interior design enriched with handcrafts at the Mohamed Al Amine Mosque to the high-tech design of Cinema City in Beirut, each space is designed by the agency in the spirit of sustainability and excellence.

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Nabil Dada has, quite naturally, passed on to his sons Adib, Karim and Tarek his passion for art, design, knowledge and innovation. All three have become architects and engineers, and have graduated from the best schools. They all share the same artistic sense and work ethics. The eldest, Adib Dada, is an architect involved in ecological transition. He develops the agency’s architecture projects and is responsible for commissioning works of art; all this while managing his own advisory studio, TheOtherDada. Karim Dada is a mechanical engineer by training, specialized in architectural design and energy issues. He supports the family business in its technological development and integrates his scientific expertise in every project. After training in state-of-the-art architecture in Spain and the United States, Tarek Dada has joined the team as an interior architect. He is also in charge of creating bespoke furniture.

In their capacity as experts and associates at Nabil Dada Interior Architects, Adib, Karim and Tarek Dada endeavor to sustain the artistic vision defined by their father during the course of his 50-year career. Their respective skills allow them to adapt the agency’s processes to contemporary issues and to improve its creative ability. From construction to interior architecture, as well as energy optimization, selection of works of art and furniture design, Nabil Dada Interior Architects offers a portfolio of services that allow its clients to have the most integral and holistic spaces possible.

Nabil Dada has always been human-centric, with a focus on dialogue, in order to design the most relevant concepts for his clients, in terms of shape and use. Liberated from trends, the agency advocates a philosophy based on discretion, luxury and timelessness. For the Dadas, luxury lives, first and foremost, in accurate proportions, fluid circulations, subtle lighting, rare materials and the sense of well-being.